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Bill Decker

Bill Decker is an international business consultant, with hundreds of new business launches on five continents (this after a failed career as a stand-up comic).

Bill's adventures started in 1983. He was armed with a handful of phone numbers, $100 cash, a suitcase, mandolin, and a one-way ticket to Taipei. During his adventures he was able to work his way around the planet, learn several languages, receive an MBA from Europe's most prestigious university, and personally start more than 20 companies around the globe. During his tenure abroad, Bill began opening his own offices in Central and Eastern Europe for his firm, Connect International (which had 60 offices worldwide). He has lived in Asia, Europe, and The Middle East. He has solved problems around the globe, acquired new markets for his clients, evaluated and negotiated with acquisition candidates and been involved in dozens of start-ups.

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